Mehransh International Pvt. Ltd., a food distribution start up, with offices
located in Mumbai and Bengaluru is a medium sized, family owned business
offering a unique variety of delicious and daily need kitchen products. Our
philosophy is “Customer’s satisfaction through constantly understanding and
adapting to the changing demands”. Introducing new food concept products
that evoke passion of flavour and fire.

Established in 2020, Mehransh International Pvt. Ltd. believes in offering
optimum quality food products to its customers within a committed time
frame and great prices.

We have extensive plans of introducing various Internationally recognized
branded food products and widen our distribution network all across India to
capture a reasonable market share of the hot sauce space.

Our product array currently comprises of Chika Chika brand of Habanero Hot
Sauces and Spicy Habanero Fruit Rolls originating from Africa.